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Excluss set up its solar energy consultanvy last year to satisfy the needs of our clients in developing countries where local energy supplies were erratic to say the least. These days, even a remote rural farmer needs access to communications and the Internet, so do the young family members for learning. Repeater stations for mobiles, radio and wi-fi were desperately needed and the only available power available was solar.

Back in 1995, Eduardo the head of Excluss Solar division (see profile), was involved in similar solar solutions in Morocco. He developed small solar systems for farmers so they could have enough energy to have lighting, television, refrigeration and most importantly, power a bore hole pump delivering fresh water for drinking and irrigation. In all, over 1800 installations were developed and installed across Morocco, most of which were small 300Watt domestic solar energy systems, though some were self contained mini power stations providing kW's of power for local communities and solar powered transmitter stations.

When Excluss Promotions started its operations in East Africa, one of the main problems were erratic electricity supplies as anyone visiting Africa will know. Even in the cities, national grid electricity can regularly fail for many hours. Solar energy was an ideal solution for clients requiring consistent energy to power its computers and sales operations.  To satisfy this, Excluss set up its 'Solar' division specialising in uninterrupted power for small offices and computing systems. Since then the energy division of Excluss has grown to embrace many areas where alternative energy is required, not just for computer servers and communications but for residential and commerce in general. Our range of consultancy services now covers solar powered security, solar irrigation, domestic and commercial applications such as street lighting and even water desalination. With new projects planned for Jamaica in 2013, Excluss Solar is now a major force in solar solutions. Recent additions include solar powered water desalination equipment for the Caribbean Islands and an exciting new range of super effiecient coolers to replace power hungry AC cooling.

Already worth over $100 billion a year, the solar industry is expected to swell to double that by 2018. Installed solar panel capacity has already surpassed 100 gigawatts worldwide and will more than triple by the end of the decade. Solar usage is presently dominated by two countries, Italy and Germany with 12 and 24GigaWatt capacity respectively. China and the US are also catching up fast as is Japan.

Through associates and colleagues Excluss are designing exciting new systems like hybrid wind/solar generators for home and industrial use.  New solar panels that use hydrogen atoms to increase efficiency to 25% while making them much cheaper and more powerful. Nano-technology is being tested in water purification systems that could see ordinary polluted, sea or bracken water being filtered large scale to provide cheap irrigation and drinking water to millions of people. There is a lot happening in the industry and Excluss are at the front.

See the 'FUTURE' page - Glance into Excluss's crystal ball.

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