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Water Purification:
One of the biggest problems facing some countries is the quality of drinking water. Filtering out harmful bacteria has always been a long, slow and expensive process. Some pioneering work carried out recently could see a new filtration system being used worldwide. By dipping a plain cotton cloth into a mixture of silver nanowires and carbon nanotubes and then passing a small voltage across it from a solar panel, 98% of all bacteria is killed. It can easily be used in remote areas where people don't have access to chemical treatments such as chlorine. Escherichia coli, Cholera, typhoid and hepatitis are typical killers throughout the world, with this new invention that can filter and kill bacteria 80,000 times faster than existing filters, safe drinking water could be available everywhere. Excluss are already conducting practical studies of this principle and expect to have small consumer devices available in 2014.
silver nanowires water filter
A scanning electron microscope image of the silver nanowires in which the cotton is dipped during the process of constructing a filter. The large fibers are cotton.

Carbon Nanotubes construction
Carbon Nanotubes construction
Water Desalination:
Seawater to fresh water with a Nano-technology.
Worldwide demand for water will increase by a third before 2030. More than a billion people already experience drinking-water shortages and with the projected 3–6 °C increase in global temperature and redistribution of rainfall patterns, things are going to get a lot worse. Desalination is based on the process of osmosis – the natural movement of water from one solute concentration across a permeable membrane to a another solute concentration. Existing systems use massive filters and extreme pressure to force the salt water through the filters which need constant maintenance. Normal desalination equipment is very bulky, consumes enormous power and is not very efficient. The holy grail of desalination is combining high water output rates with efficient salt and mineral filtering. Well that holy grail is upon us soon. A new desalination filter has been developed that will allow complete filtration up to 100 times faster with very little pressure. Essentially the new filter contains millions of one-atom diameter carbon tubes (nanotubes). As the size of each nanotube can be manufactured to very precise dimensions, it means that only salt can be filtered. By simple insertion of different sized nanotube filters, virtually any mineral or particles can be selectively filtered out at molecular level from raw sea water. With the highest majority of this planets metal and mineral deposits deposited in the oceans, we could see a new mining industry springing up. Seawater contains vast quantities of dissolved gold, perhaps as much as 10 trillion dollars worth! While with other rare metals and minerals there are google's of dollars!
Excluss are watching closely developments this year and in practice trials of the new membrane filters to provide fresh drinking water directly from sea water
Salt and water molecule size
The salt molecule can be filtered by size from water
ules in a nano tube
Every molecule is unique so its filterable.

Cheap Solar Panels
Researchers have come up with improvements in photovoltaic panel design that has really got the industry very excited!! The breakthrough involves using lasers to counter inherant hydrogen atom defects in silicon cells used in solar panels. So now, cheap silicon cells can actually perform better than the best-quality material presently used. This could mean mass produced cheaper and more efficient solar panels will be arriving very soon.

Worldwide the price of solar panels has tumbled by about 65 per cent in two years, partly due to a huge rise in use in countries in the far east. Though in Australia the number of homes with solar panels now exceeds 1 million. The Caribbean has a population of over 36 Million and the location makes it perfect for this newer and cheaper solar technology. Excluss will be supplying these new panels in the Caribbean.

silicon cell

Nibiru? Ninth Planet?
A little 'off track' from the normal article I write. But so intrigued by all the stuff on the Internet about Nibiru etc. I just had to make a scientific examination of facts. Read the full article here

nibiru and heliosphere

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