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  Solar Lighting Solutions
Street and area solar lighting system Solar outdoor lighting systems for streets, compounds, houses and perimeters.
  Solar Energy Solutions
Solar PV systems Solar PV systems can vary from simple 1 panel installations for remote needs to dozens for complete home energy.
  Wind Power
Wind turbine systems can deliver substantial energy Wind turbine systems can deliver substantial energy on demand  Excluss MagLev's are small and efficient.
  Water Purifiers
Desalination and water purifiers Desalination and water purifiers can bring fresh drinking and irrigation water to coastal areas
  Solar Storage
Solar batteries store surplus energy providing a constant source of electricity
Low power solar air condirioning Super Coolers
Keep cool at a fraction of AC running costs!
solar mobile charger Solar Shop
Go shopping from solar phone chargers to solar garden lights
Wireless solar camera and security systems Solar Security Systems
Wireless solar camera and security systems keep your property secure even without electricity.
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