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EXCLUSS 'Easy Alarms' now available in Jamaica


Did you know that around 3000 boats are stolen, or have expensive equipment stolen from them, every year?

You could avoid this happening to you by installing a boat alarm which uses the mobile phone networks to monitor the security of your boat and let you know if an intruder has entered the cabin.

The reliability and technology of the mobile phone has led to security developments allowing the same networks to carry information about the status and security of your boat, caravan or holiday home, or anywhere you don't have a telephone line installed.

Boat alarms which use the GSM mobile phone network technology can monitor unauthorized entry 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you don't have to pay monthly monitoring or service fees. Modern technology has produced systems that will automatically dial your mobile, office, home etc to inform you that an intruder has entered your boat or caravan or holiday home. The best of these boat alarms will automatically dial up to 6 mobile or landline numbers within 60 seconds of being activated.

A good boat alarm system will feature an automatic dialing control panel with hand held wireless remote control setup, a 120db siren, a wireless passive infrared movement detector, two remote controllers, transmission antennae, transformer and a magnetic hatch/door/window sensor, and a complete system can be bought for under £200.
With modern technology you can leave your Boat, Caravan or Holiday Home confident that the boat alarm will be monitoring it in your absence.

If you have suffered loss or theft of your boat please visit www.stolenboats.org.uk for more information.

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