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  • Buy direct from the manufacture. Sales and manufacturing of Slush and Yogurt / Ice Cream Machines supplied world wide, specialising in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Over 120,000 customers in 50 countries in past 10 years. Our Excluss 'Taycool' brand is synonymous with reliability and quality.
    Each machine is individually order built to the highest standards. From Big 15 litre triple tanks for busy commercial outlets demanding 150 cups per hour or more, to smaller counter top units.

Owning a slush machine can be a very lucrative business anywhere where there is lots of foot traffic. Like ice cream, slush is an 'impulse' buy. On a hot day its very hard to pass by without wanting a cool refreshing slush drink.

Either sited permanently in a good location or If you have a trailer and generator, then you can travel anywhere to events and make a handsome profit for the day. But be warned - these are industrial slush machines, built to last and they are very heavy (see our slush machine specification brochures), so its a two person lift.

There are several models to chose from depending on your slush requirements. Click the pictures below for further info.

You do not have to buy special (and expensive) slush syrup mixtures as we supply a hand held spectrometer (US$75) that's so easy to use and tells you exactly when the mixture is correct. Once you know the quantities of syrup and water to add per tank, its easy.

WARNING.. Do NOT try to save money by roughly judging the mixture, get it wrong and either the slush is too runny and not sellable or freezes to much and breaks the slush machines paddle mixture.

Slush machines are a hassle free - no worries business opportunity
Start making money within weeks with your own slush business - enquire today.