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All Excluss solar batteries are deep cycle batteries capable of constant charge and discharge.


Combining solar panels with quality batteries, controllers and charging system gives enormous advantages in reliability and consistent power.


A 1000 Amp 2 volt battery cell weighs over 45 Kg and costs over £2000 each. Six would be needed to provide 12 volts but with around 6000 Amps of power!! Ideal for heavy duty commercial and industrial units operating machinery and air con. However, for normal house, shop, office or rural solar installations, its more common to use 12 volt 150-200 Amp batteries. These can be either the cheaper acid batteries, similar to those used in cars or more expensive but zero maintenance sealed units. BUT, an normal car battery will NOT do the job! Solar batteries are 'deep cycle' designed to be discharged and recharged virtually daily. Even a good car battery would only last a few months to a year.

A good quality 12volt 400Ah (4,600Wh) sealed unit battery costs around $900 and weighs over 50 Kg! Listed below are a few examples of batteries used in solar installations using domestic solar deep cycle 120Ah batteries costing about $250 each

12volt 150Ah solar battery12volt-solar-dry-batteryExcide solar battery12 volt low maintenance solar battery2 6volt 200Ah solar batteriessolar battery case
12 150Ah 12volt battery banksolar battery bankheavy duty solar battery bank9 2volt solar battery cellsbank of 6 12 volt solar batteries 1000Ampsold fashioned simple solar equipment

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