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                 Excluss solar powered security systems use latest cutting edge technology. From home CCTV to commercial installations.
Wireless solar cctv system Solar CCTV: These versatile solar wireless cctv systems connect remotely to your TV or any of the video equipment shown below. Giving you 24/7 security imaging around your entire property without electricity! PIR activated or constant viewing. Containing its own power source charged from the sun, each unit wirelessly streams activity of possible intruders. Can be mounted on any wall of the house or even above a gate entrance to monitor visitors. Systems start from just £200. + installation.
Read about IP cameras Anomously watch from anywhere in the world!
Complete remote viewed CCTV wireless solar system

CCTV monitoring equipment: Solar powered systems that continuously record all activity with 24/7 remote access via internet computer or mobile phone
Internet, iphone and Android phone compatible Digital Video Recorders 4 to 9 channels. They are easy to operate and have full Pentaplex operation, which means that you can be watching live video on the main screen while another user is viewing different cameras over the network, while another user is watching recorded footage, another connected via mobile phone, AND while all this is going on, the unit is still recording all the cameras. From £250 + installation DVR 9 channel security recorder
Digital Video Recorder 9 channel rear view
Mini PCI-Express video capture cards ideally suited to modern PCs. Continuous recording, Motion recording, Alarm recording. Playback: Intelligent search, multi-channel playback. From 4 to 16 channel inputs works on any Windows system PC. From £90 + installation
Windows logo windows 7 logo
PCI video capture card
Solar or mains powered LCD security monitors from 5" to 19" Our flat screen solar powered CCTV monitors have glass fronts and all metal cases making them very robust indeed. These monitors are purpose designed for continual 24 hour use with excellent performance and high reliability. They can be run direct from small solar panel or mains electricity. Starting from £150. LCD security monitors solar powered  
Solar powered perimeter alarm security system Complete zone and perimeter solar security system. Detects entry anywhere in the zone. Triggered by breaking the wireless beams. Wireless Driveway Alarm System includes a Solar Powered Siren & Flashing Strobe Lights & Control Panel (which can be programmed to give a short loud chime or full alarm siren and bright flashing strobe lights), and our extremely reliable Dual Detecting Solar Powered Beams (which have a 100 metre detection range) resulting in a Fully Wire free Solar Wireless Perimeter Alarm System.
Wireless Range between the Control & Dual Detecting Beams is an impressive 900 metres. From £400
Solar powered perimiter security system
Remote solar CCTV signal extender
Remote solar CCTV signal extender
Wireless CCTV router receiver transmitter
Wireless CCTV router receiver/transmitter
Mobile crowd/area solar cctv system
Mobile crowd/area solar cctv system
buy now ip cameras Baby monitor wireless systems
Baby Monitors
wireless ip cameras
IP Cameras

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