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 Excluss solar appliances and useful solar gadgets. Mobile phone solar chargers, garden solar lights, solar fans, solar torches, solar bug zappers and even a solar lawn mower! Everything solar at the Excluss Solar Shop.

Low power air conditioning 12 inch Solar fansPortable Solar fansSolar fans
Low power air conditioning Other solar fans types
Solar powered radio Solar powered radio and torchsolar lanternsolar ipone charger
Solar powered radio Solar radios, lanterns and chargers
Outdoor solar bug zapper  solar bug zapper floor standing solar bug zapperColoured  solar bug zapper
Outdoor solar bug zapper Indoor solar bug zappers
Solar torch coloured Solar torchRound Solar torchsmall coloured Solar torchs
Solar torch Varied solar torch designs
pda and phone charger Universal solar chargersolar camera chargersolar lawn mower
Solar mobile phone charger Camera and phone chargers Even a solar lawn mower!!

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