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                  Solar powered houses

A simple single panel example useful for remote areas where there is no consistent electricity supply and costing under £1500. The single panel can provide enough energy to also power a bore hole pump for fresh water and irrigation. Though this system can be expanded to as many panels required to power houses, villas and commercial.


This farm in Germany is totally powered by solar energy. Over 180 solar panels were used providing over 35Kw of power. The installation cost over £100,000 but provides sufficient power for the house and farm buildings/equipment without a grid connection.
This villa in Africa uses 75 solar panels at 130watts each delivering over 9Kw of electricity. The solar panels provide sufficient energy to power the entire house and swimming pool. A heavy duty solar battery bank, regulator and inverter ensures adequate electricity during the night. The solar panels themselves cost around £25,000. Batteries, controllers and power inverter cost another £20,000 bring the cost to around £55,000 plus installation.
This villa in Spain uses 40 solar panels at 180watts, delivering 7Kw of power. This supplies air conditioning during the day and power to the villa at night. The villa is connected to the grid and when excess electricity is produced during the day, it is sold to the grid, providing an income. Total cost around £45,000.

Jamaica - Leading by example. With an average 8.2 hours per day sunshine, Jamaica has 3002 sunshine hours annually and high electricity costs (average third of salary). makes it perfect for solar energy.

Science, Technology, Energy & Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell's decision to convert to solar power. With regular bills ranging from $20 thousand up to $30,000 per month. That set him on the path to find ways to decrease his dependency on the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) supply. His June electricity bill was $23,632.90 but his next bill for July is down to $4,796.82!  Paulwell said the only times he reverted to the public power supply were when there was no sunshine for two days.
The solar system cost approximately £15,000 plus installation but will pay for itself in five years. The system delivers 3.2Kw.

He recently gave good news for Jamaica by making solar panels and its related equipment import duty and sales taxes free!

Jamaica Broilers is currently installing solar panels and LED lighting at its chicken houses. Phase one over two years will install 15 kW systems at about 40 chicken houses with a capacity of 600 kW. The project will cost an estimated US$10 million (J$890 million,) over two years. One system installed three weeks ago has generated 1.7 megawatts of power, equivalent to 42 gallons of oil or 5,800 cubic feet of gas.

Sandals Montego Bay Jamaica opens its brand new “eco villa”. The villa has 100 solar power panels generating over 100kW of electricity. With the average villa only needing 30kW, the remaining electricity is used to power other parts of the Sandels resort in Jamaica. Theres even enough power for the villas air conditioning, which tourists cannot live without. With an estimated cost of $70,000 per villa, its a big investment but will repay itself easily over 5 years in savings on expensive local electricity and will go down very well with European tourists.

A resort cannot afford 'power outs' and standby generators are noisy, smelly and costly to operate. Sandals are not only making there resort eco friendly and more attractive to tourists, but saving a small fortune over the years.

Solar finds its way everywhere, where electricity is either non existent or erratic. Here an 'ad hoc' installation in a remote location provides power for a local farmers house and irrigation of crops.

The ten solar panels, though cheaper low power types, provide more than enough energy for needs, including lighting, television, refrigerator, water pump and even a computer for the children's learning.

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