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To give you total security
 Excluss latest technology solar security bespoke systems. Complete solar security systems for consumer and industry.


IP Cameras are internet ready wireless, low power security cameras that can integrate with any system.

Complete IP Security Cameras let you can log on and view the cctv live at your house, shop or office remotely over the Internet
ip camera internet ready

Powerful day and night security CCTV streamed wirelessly to your computer and the Internet. Log on anywhere in the world to keep an eye on anything or anyone! Even hear and talk directly with the cameras built in microphone and speaker.

Whatever your security requirements, Excluss security division can consult, design and install your system to be ultra effective using the latest technology. And of course, we can power it all from solar and/or wind energy!

IP security camera
wireless ip camera security system

How it works.

You have IP cameras installed in strategic locations. The IP cameras transmit wirelessly back to a Router which connects to the internet. You can be in the next room or anywhere in the world with internet access and see and/or hear/speak as if you were there on your mobile, laptop or pc.
IP cameras come in many shapes and specifications depending on your security needs.
Providing you have Internet at the property you can use IP cameras.
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IP Cameras


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