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What's happening on Earth?

Our Planet and entire Solar System is dramatically changing!

There are some very strange events happening on this fragile planet Earth and in fact, across our entire solar system. Not only is the Earth's 'tilt' shifting, but all the other planets in our solar system are displayed some unexplained symptoms. Even the Moon has started growing an atmosphere!

So pronounced are these changes, that many are shouting out words like 'Armageddon' 'the later days' etc.

Whatever is happening has certainly got scientists across the world in dismay and confusion for explanations. Things are changing at a rapidly increasing rate and its not just global warming.

On our planet there is clear documented evidence that the Earth's magnetic field started changing a decade ago and its speeding up at an alarming rate. But all that has happened before, many times in our past and in fact as we have discovered that from core samples extracted from various continents, its not always a cataclysmically event. But has been responsible for creating previous ice ages, earthquakes and volcano activity in the past that we do know.

But like I say, that's nothing new and its part of way our planet and solar system slowly evolves, every now an then the magnetic fields 'flip' then re-stabilise. But we can be expecting more unnatural events such as weather change and increased volcano/earthquake activity.

Its also normal for the Earth's poles to physically shift, this is separate from the magnetic fields. This is caused by the natural 'wobble' the earth has on its axis, caused millions of years ago from a collision with a smaller planet that brought about our present moon. A few degrees to the left or right is an accepted norm. However, over the past few years, the tilt has started to increase in only one direction and accelerate. The North Pole is shifting increasingly quickly towards Russia from its current position above Greenland and nearer to Canada. It has moved 400 km in the last decade and is accelerating rapidly. Since 2000, the pole's typical drift has been moving steadily eastward by about 75 degrees, heading toward the Prime Meridian that runs through Greenwich, England.

Any consistent and continued shift would throw the earth’s balance out so significantly it could trigger massive earthquakes, tsunami's on a scale we can hardly imagine, capable of washing right across most of the United States coasts and every other major world landmass. It would cause volcanic eruptions so large and widespread that the resulting ash clouds and gases could blanket the sun’s rays triggering a new ice-age.

Pole shifts also cause a major increase in the movement of the earth's tectonic plates, these are giant lines of opposing cracks in the earth’s crust which push and grind against each other until they periodically release the tremendous pent up pressure with an earthquake.

Both the USGS and NASA are very concerned about the new magma chamber discovered recently under Yellowstone Park in addition to the enormous lake of molten rock and iron they already knew about. This one is an astonishing 11 times the volume of the Grand Canyon and no doubt the cause of why the entire Yellowstone area has been slowly rising up like a giant bulge over the past decade. A sudden pole shift could be the trigger it needs to release that enormous building pressure and blow up. If it did, most of North America would be destroyed instantly and a new ice age would begin for our planet.

Another story which begs the question “what on earth is going on” is a 300 metre (900 feet) high island which appeared from the sea bed just north of the tip of Japan in just one night. This area was the origin of the 8.9 Magnitude earthquake which ripped through Japan in 2011, causing one of the worst tsunami of all time. This new landmass appeared at exactly the same time as the Nepal 7.7 Magnitude earthquake took place 5,000 km away at the opposite end of the Eurasian

tectonic plate. Certainly over the past ten years, there has been a lot of earthly changes. Earthquake and volcanic activity has increased 400%. Trade winds and sea currents that have been constant since records began are rapidly changing direction or disappearing. Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate and our atmosphere is heating up. The collapse of Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002 is just one example of shrinking glaciers around the world, a process that is changing the

planet's mass distribution of water and land, which will also affect the balance of the earth and its rotation. If ice disappears from one part of the spinning Earth and resettles elsewhere as water, the planet becomes unbalanced and shifts on its axis toward the place where it lost mass.

If the process of the earth's tilt continues slow and gradual, we shall see an equally slow and gradual change across the entire planet. A full 90 degree shift would make Jamaica the new South Pole! Of course, most of the planet will have moved to high ground by then to escape the massive tidal waves and earthquakes that will become the norm. But at least we shall have time to adapt and change though many will perish. But what if? What if there is something else that's influencing all these changes happening here on earth and in our solar system?

What if its not man made gases and pollution causing global warming and changes in our planet? We are not alone with global warming. There is an increasing simultaneous warming of other planets and moons in our solar system, despite the fact that they obviously have no anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. Mars, Triton, Pluto and Jupiter all show global warming, while some other planets such as Venus, Pluto and Neptune are exhibiting increased brightness and have increased their luminosity by 300%, Jupiter has now such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionising radiation formed between its moon Io. The Martian atmosphere is getting sizeable thicker than it was before. An atmosphere is even forming around the moon, there is this 6,000- kilometre- deep layer of Natrium that wasn't there before.

And the planets are having a change in their magnetic fields, they are becoming stronger. Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled. Uranus's magnetic field is changing. Neptune's magnetic field is increasing. In our Solar System the planets are becoming brighter, their magnetic field strength is getting higher and their atmospheres are changing. They are even changing in their rotational speed.

And if that was not indication enough that major changes are happening, the glowing plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent, signalling that something extremely strong indeed is bringing influence to bear. This plasma effect also called a 'Bow Shock' is an electrically generated luminance created as our solar system travels at over a million miles a day through space and interacts with cosmic radiation and things we don't yet understand like dark matter. Just as a ships bow creates a big frontal wave as it travels at speed.

There can only be two possible explanations for the happenings here on Earth and replicated throughout our solar system.

Either, as we travel at vast speed through the universe, we are starting to travel through a part of the Universe that has far greater energy. Or, an unknown massive gravitational force has started interacting with our solar system. Both possibilities have plausible reasoning but science is divided between the two.

On the one hand, although we know precious little about the Universe we reside in, we do know from infra red telescopes that parts of the Universe are either colder or hotter. We also know that similarly, some areas have greater energy radiation that others and differing solar winds. Though we are still too young in technology and knowledge to be able to prove conclusively that this is what is bringing the change to Earth and our Solar System. But it is a reasonably logical explanation. If this

is so, we shall soon get to a point where we are so far into this new level of energy, that there will be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy out of itself. This increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in our Solar System, including us. The planets will be pushed slightly farther away from the Sun and the atomic and molecular structure that makes them all up will actually expand in terms of their physical size. Even though we do not have advanced enough technology to measure universal energy, we can visually see the effects of the existence of increased energy, like our outer plasma glowing brighter as it interacts. Similar in fact to the way the Northern Lights interacts with radiated energy from our Sun.

The second possibility of gravitational force causing it all is somewhat better understood, though still lacks the important cast iron evidence. But it is one that has inspired hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube, writings on Google (just search 'Nibiru' or 'ninth planet') and as many supposed photographs. It has sparked some very interesting debates amongst scientists with even NASA and the main news channels having live coverage. The explanation is that a massive planet at the outer reaches of our solar system passes by every three thousand years or so in an elliptical orbit around our Sun, in exactly the same way as some comets do, which in fact makes it a binary star to our Sun.

There have been various admissions from scientists and astronomers about the existence of this planetary system, even NASA has both admitted and denied it several times. The problem is, even something that's possibly a hundred times bigger than Earth and a 'brown star', is virtually impossible to detect visually at such an immense distance. But that does not stop scientists proving the existence of many of the planets and stars in our Universe, we may not be able to see them but we can see and measure the effect of their gravitational pull upon other planetary systems as they pass by. The evidence so far supports that this far away 'ninth' planet or planet 'X', its even got a name Nibiru, that orbits us once every few thousand years could in fact be a solar system itself, the predicted orbital path is clearly shown below in the picture.

Comprising of a brown star about twenty times Jupiters mass with planets orbiting around it, very similar to our own solar system. Nibiru first hit the headlines back in 2007 when it appeared on Google Sky maps (see photo). But the plot thickened when subsequently NASA ordered that part of the map to be blacked out and Google complied. However, later powerful thermal telescope pictures plotted Nibiru with four main planets in its solar system and two small objects orbiting closely (see photo) so it was no longer a secret.

This section was later 'blacked out' on Google Sky (and still is)

Thermal telescope pictures of the Nibiru system.

From a scientific viewpoint, either of the above could possibly explain the unusual and ever increasing changes we are feeling here on Earth and witnessing within our planetary system. But I must admit as a scientist, that gravitational forces are more likely to explain what's going on. The fact that our solar system is warming and becoming more active might be explained by entering a higher energy segment of the Universe. However, that would happen if the planets were stressed from a gravitational force pulling at them but does not explain the other extraordinary effects that are affecting earth and our planets, causing them to shift on their axis and alter their rotation speed. Something is having an ever increasing effect on us, that's for sure.

Some are saying that the pull from this binary star and planets, will cause the Earth to continue shifting its tilt as it aligns its magnetic fields with that of the passing star, in which case it would tilt a full ninety degrees, putting Britain on the equator and the Caribbean in the south pole. Additional the gravitational pull would force our crust and tectonic plates to rapidly move around creating unheard of earthquakes, massive tsunami and volcanic eruptions. Now that would be cataclysmic indeed and spell the end to at least half or more of the Earth's population. If the estimated time scales and orbits are anywhere near accurate, then late 2016 through to most of 2017 would be when Earth would be affected the greatest as the Nibiru system crosses around the Sun on its 3500 year elliptical orbit.

The Nibiru estimated orbital path

I find a more concerning point though is Earth's own history, both in evidence obtained by examination of Earth's crust spanning millions of years and the inscriptions and writings of past learned civilisations. Over the years we have discovered and translated many scriptures and writings on walls and buildings and they all have a common theme. That is, every three or four thousand years, there comes a great change in our planet, sometimes cataclysmic. This is further supported from examining cores of ice, rock and earth drilled from deep down, which clearly show a complete history of environmental changes over the years of Earth's history dating back millions of years. Some ancient lost civilisations were further advanced than we are now with respect to their knowledge of our planets and the Universe we live in. Many describe major planet changing events from great floods to massive eruptions and give accurate forecasts as to the timing of these events and how they interlock with planetary alignments and forces. Some even depict a large planet becoming visible in the sky and the destruction it brought.

There is further evidence of something big in our outer system from the increase over the past few years of asteroid activity in our solar system, which would be expected if another planet came anywhere near our Kuiper belt, as the gravitational pull would send thousands of dislodged space rocks our way. Some the size of a pea or up to kilometres across. However, many of them would burn and crash into our outer planets, pulled in attracted by their gravitation, I hope. Though unlike the one in Russia recently, which made it through. But the biggest danger would come after Nibiru passed us, for like a comet it would be dragging millions of asteroids and rocks in its tail attracted by its gravity

No I don't say its the end of days, but any planet twenty times the size of Jupiter that comes anywhere near our planet or solar system, even if thousands of millions of miles away is going to cause some major reactions as it bends and twists the gravitation fields that hold us all together, that is for sure.

And most of the events now going on bear all the hallmarks of this. Strange weather patterns, altering magnetic fields, increased tilting, changing wind and sea currents that have been stable for the past thousands of years, dramatic increase in tectonic plate movement, earthquakes and volcanic events, the slowing down of Earth's magma flow, the list goes on and that's just Earth. Even more dramatic changes are happening right now to the other planets in our solar system and thats whats getting scientist worried the most.

As for the many who question could there be life within the Nibiru solar system. Yes that's quite possible as a Brown star is considerably cooler than the sun, but absolutely enormous – ten to twenty times the size of Jupiter, so any planet orbiting within a 'golden' distance, from a brown star could derive enough heat to support life, but days would be an eerie dull glow unlike the brilliance of our Sun.

But I doubt any intelligent or super beings reside there, because they would be extinct every 3500 years. As it came close to our Sun on its orbit around it, the star and its planets would be squeezed, pulled and tugged by the sudden gravity of our Sun, causing cataclysmic turmoil and planetary distruction on a massive scale.

As the famous Bob Dylan song goes "The times they are a changing"

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Dr Eduardo C-Vanci


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