Excluss water desalinating
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Desalination Applications

Marine Watermakers


Spectra Watermakers, Inc was founded to provide high quality desalination equipment engineered specifically for the brutal marine environment. Fresh water has always been a luxury for the cruising sailor, but now with a Spectra Watermaker you can enjoy virtually unlimited fresh water without upgrading your boats power systems. Our systems are so energy efficient they can even be solar powered!

Having a Spectra Watermaker onboard provides a higher quality of life at sea. Daily showers, fresh water deck wash downs, and more water than you can drink, all at your finger tips. Once you've cruised with a Spectra Watermaker, you won't be able to imagine a voyage without it!

Before our patented energy recovery technology was developed, only cruisers with large generators could justify installing a watermaker. Now, due to the incredible efficiency of our systems, watermakers are a practical luxury on boats of any size and any budget! Our systems can be powered by Solar Panels or any other power source you have available. We have a full range of AC and DC watermakers from 150 to 10,000 gallons per day, backed by the best after-sales support available.

Spectra's water makers are designed specifically with the challenge of the open ocean in mind. Luxury cruising requires a robust, energy efficient watermaker and our industrial quality controls allow the unit be operated and maintained by a non-technical owner. Our watermakers are sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to use for yachtsmen and commercial vessels alike.

Residential and Landbased Systems

Solar Cube Landbased Watermaker

Off-grid, eco-resorts, solar powered homes, or locations where pure, safe water is a challenge...all can benefit from the energy efficiency of a Spectra Landbased Desalination system. Combining the latest in filtration and membrane technology with our own patented energy recovery systems, we can provide up 10,000 gallons (37,850 Liters) of safe purified drinking water per day, from nearly any water source.

Some of our seawater systems use as little as 9 Watt/hours per gallon (2.1 Wh per liter). That's about a third of the energy required by our competition. This means lower electric bills, or, if you power your system using renewable sources like solar and wind [link to solar powered system photos], no electric bills!

Spectra offers a design/built service for custom desalination systems. Our application engineers are here to help you design the best possible solution for all your water purification needs. With options like media filtration, post-chlorination, chemical injection, and distribution systems we truly offer a single package solution.

Do you have a special application that you'd like to discuss? Contact and let us know how we can help!

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