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Landbased Products

Aquifer 150/200T/360

Make Fresh Water Wherever You Go!

Aquifer 150

A portable Spectra Watermaker designed for on the go land use. These rugged watermakers are engineered for the mobile conditions in remote areas where good water is essential. The Aquifer 150 system makes 150
gallons of purified fresh drinking water every day in almost any climate.

The Aquifer 150 is:

  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Energy Efficient
  • Self Contained
  • Easy To Use

The Aquifer 150 is an affordable, light weight and compact watermaker installed in a shock resistant, non-corrosive case, ready to plug in and run. All you need is salty or brackish or fresh water (from a bay, lake or river) and a 12 vdc power source from your RV battery pack or the Aquifier¹s optional solar panels. The Aquifer 150 comes with all the great features

Spectra is renowned for:
Simplicity, easy installation, quietness, energy efficiency. And it delivers over six gallons (24 liters) of fresh water per hour! Ideal for use on your favorite beaches or bays

Spectra¹s Exclusive Intensifier Technology
Reliable as the sunrise, the Spectra High-Pressure Intensifier maintains the proper pressures in the membrane throughout a wide range of temperatures and water conditions without any adjustments or loss of product-water output. The composite construction is corrosion resistant for superior reliability. All this while producing 150 gallons a day! With an Aquifer 150, there¹s no reason to compromise your creature comforts while touring in your boat, RV or caravan. You¹ll have plenty of fresh water for showers and laundry with enough left over for washing your coach and gear.

Every Aquifer 150 comes complete and ready to run. It includes a factory-mounted Spectra High Pressure Intensifier, a 20-inch membrane in a Spectra vessel assembly and diaphragm feed water pump enclosed in a corrosion proof impact resistant case. A feedwater pressure gauge, product water flow meter, Off/On switch and hand held salinity monitor are all standard features.

Aquifer 150PP
The Aqufier 150 Power Pack (PP) system features a deep cycle battery and 120vac battery charger built into the system.

Aquifer 150PP can run for several hours directly off it¹s battery and can be recharged from any 12vdc or 120vac power source. Aqufier 150 can also run continuously when the system is connected to a main power supply or portable generator. Perfect for RVs!

Aquifer 150SP
The solar powered (SP) version, Aquifer 150SP includes the standard Aquifer 150PP with the addition of solar panels making the system self-contained for operation in sunlight with automatic regulation to prevent battery discharge. The high-efficiency Solara MP100 solar panels fold-up and stow easily in the lid of Aquifer¹s case. Perfect for applications where no power source is available.

Aquifer 150M/360M
For marine use, Spectra offers the Aquifer 150M.

Similar to the Aquifer 150PP, the 150M is specifically designed to run from your boat¹s 12vdc or 24vdc electrical system. This portable watermachine is perfect for recreational boats or off-shore racing yacht, whenever occasional water-making is required. This system is easily removed and stores elegantly in its rolling carrying case. For higher capacity water requirements (360 gallons per day), the Aquifer 360M is the perfect choice. Aquifer 360EXP

Aquifer 360 Expedition (EXP) is rated at 360 gallons of fresh water per day­15 gallons an hour! This system is designed for expedition, military and disaster relief and other applications where a high output of purified drinking water is the primary goal.

The Aquifer 360 EXP has no internal power supply. The Expedition is available in 12vdc or 24vdc power models.

Monitoring Panel

Every Aquifer system is delivered with our exclusive Monitoring Panel. Located on Aquifer¹s front panel, the Flow Monitor indicates feed water pressure and fresh water output.

The Monitoring Panel is simple to understand and essential in operating and maintaining your Aquifer Watermachine.

Exclusive Swing-out Pre-Filter

To maintain your Aquifer¹s performance for many years to come, Spectra incorporates the exclusive Swing-Out Pre-Filter Module.

Changing the filter is easy and there¹s never a salt water mess inside the carrying case.

The Swing-Out Pre-Filter guarantees your product water¹s freshness.

The one year complete limited warranty is available through our worldwide distributor network. Ask your Spectra Dealer.

Aquifer 150 Specifications

WATER PRODUCTION Gallons per Day / Hr (Liters per Day / Hr)
Output with 77°F/25°C seawater 150 / 6.3 (568 / 24)
Pump Horsepower 1/8
Amp/Hr per Gallon (12 VDC) 1.4
Watt/Hr per Gallon 17
Current Draw (12 VDC) 9 Amps
Aquifer 150 106 Lb (48.0 kg)

System Dimensions

Aquifer 150

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