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Solar Powered Desalination Systems

Whether it is disaster relief, emergency preparedness, or an eco-friendly “off-the-grid” project, a Spectra desalinator is the right solution for you.

We have a broad range of readily available equipment ranging from the portable and life-saving Aquifer series, to the industrial strength of the Cabo series. No application is to complex or too simple!

Spectra Watermakers' patented energy recovery technology finally makes it possible to provide safe, pure water using solar power. Spectra Watermakers, Inc, is dedicated to seeking out, developing, and manufacturing technologies on the forefront of the desalination markets. Our systems use less than one third the power of a traditional desalination system by recovering the energy that normally goes down the drain. This proprietary energy recovery technology allows us to offer systems drawing as little as 8 Watt-hrs per gallon of water produced (2.1 Watt-hrs per liter), compared to over 30 Watt-hrs per gallon (8.06 Watt-hrs per liter) that the traditional systems our competitors build, the choice is clear.

Both of our patented energy recovery pump designs were developed and are manufactured exclusively by Spectra Watermakers, we wrote the book on energy efficient, solar powered seawater desalination. No one can match the volume of pure, safe water production with the power required for our systems. Spectra's Research and Development team is working daily on moving desalination technology forward and leading the industry. Your project deserves the best.

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Contact us here to talk to us about your application and how we can design a system specific to your needs.

Spectra Watermakers Solar Cube
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