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From small scale desalination to solar operated bore hole water supplies, Excluss can offer a bespoke water solution anywhere.

Desalination: Water desalination is a process of reverse osmosis. Taking sea or bracken water and processing it into drinkable water. Domestic purifiers cost a few thousand dollars, systems producing 30+litres per hour cost from $9000 to to larger desalination systems at 270 litres hour costing from $29000. So there is a desalination solution for a house or mansion. While industrial desalination units for hotels, commerce and communities can produce up to 10,000 gallons per day costing around $90,000. Excluss design systems that can use mains, wind, solar or all three to provide fresh clean water 24/7. All desalination equipment needs ongoing management and maintenance to keep it running efficiently. After sales service for all equipment we supply is second to none.
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desalination flow diagram How it works lb1800 water desalinationbracken water desalination reverse osmosis desalination how it works
Remember, combining a hybrid of solar and wind gives enormous advantages and consistent power
Hot Water: Solcrafte Style 200. Integrated collector storage system • Modern design • Best price • Save up to 80% on energy costs for sanitary hot water production • Easy installation (fl at-roof/on-roof) with time savings of 50% compared to traditional thermo siphon systems • Low maintenance • Five-year warranty • Hot water 365 days a year. From £2000 plus installation.
Solcraft roof hot water supply  
Well Water: Solar powered bore hole water pumps provide the ideal solution for agriculture and houses alike. Automatic cattle watering and irrigation systems can all be powered by solar energy.  From small scale single house solar bore hole water systems to large capacity communal water supply, solar power brings the worlds most valuable resource, water, to where its needed most.
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