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MagLev and Solar hybrid systems

Excluss MagLev VAWT & Solar Systems lead the world in technology, design and ease of installation.

Combining latest MagLev technology with PV (Solar) panels gives the best of both worlds for greater independence from costly grid electricity bills. From apartments to street lighting, hybrid systems are starting to bring consistant power to areas world wide.

MagLev on apartment
VAWT MagLev on apartment
MagLev and Solar hybrid system
MagLev and Solar hybrid street lighting

What is a MagLev VAWT? MagLev turbines are an ideal solution to the traditional wind turbine, which need very high structures to allow room for their massive blades. MagLev technology (so called due to the 'magnetic levitation' friction free drive) has been around for a while as we know from the Magnetic Levitation high speed trains. Using MagLev technology in VAWT's (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) means less moving parts, less maintenance, smaller profile and most importantly, very little wind to start working due to the lack of friction.

The smaller more compact design of the VAWT, makes it ideal for home use as the unit and blades stand upright. Having magnetic levitation means the turbines weight is frictionless in operation allowing even a small breeze to turn it and produce power. The MagLev VAWT has a much smaller footprint. Its also quite in comparison to normal turbines, doesn't create turbulence and safer as no massive 'windmill' blades rotating.
The Excluss MagLev uses latest NdFeB (Neodymium) rare earth magnets which are 10x stronger than others, eliminating the need for any electro magnetic drive, making them friction and virtually maintenance free.

The massive HAWT's (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine) suffer several drawbacks, such as needing considerable wind to start rotating and very noisy. They also require continual maintenance to their moving parts. They are impractical for normal consumer use due to the size of structure and blades needed to produce worthwhile energy.

HAWT wind turbines in Manchester Jamaica
Large HAWT Wind Turbines
MagLev Train
MagLev train
VAWT MagLev wind turbine on roof
1Kw VAWT on house roof
MagLev HAWT on farm
5Kw MagLev HAWT on farm

The Excluss MagLev / Solar Hybrid System:
Wind turbines only work when there's wind! And Solar only works when theres Sun!  Normally, lots of messy and expensive solar batteries are used to store energy when the sun goes down or if the wind stops blowing.

Jamaica like all coastal areas and islands have a guaranteed wind factor due to the day/night temperature difference between land and sea. This onshore/offshore wind is ideal for low level MagLev turbines. In addition, Jamaica enjoys a great deal of sunshine.

So we thought what if we married wind and sun together in one complete easy to intall system that gave energy virtually 24/7 without maintenance intensive batteries. (SEE PHOTO ON LEFT)

Due to air/ground temperature difference, when the sun goes in ground wind instantly increases. So the Excluss hybrid system produces power day and NIGHT!
In any wind corridor, Island or Coastal region you would expect to have electricity 24/7 without interruption.

The MagLev  Solar Hybrid System
Hybrid MagLev and Solar System
powering apartments
Taking for example the Sandals solar installation on their villa in Jamaica using 98 solar panels to produce about 25kW (see pic on left). A wonderful use of solar to power holiday resorts BUT when the sun goes down, so does the power (without a ton of expensive messy batteries and electronics to store energy)!! For the same investment, the villa could have used less panels, maglev generators AND have free electricity virtually 24/7. Using the Excluss low energy 'Diet Coolers' the villas could even run air con without grid electricity. Now thats using natural elements to the max! Sandals solar installation on their villa in Jamaicamagle wind tubine

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